International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 3 - September 2018
Volume 28 - 2018

On hyper-regularity and unimodularity of Ore polynomial matrices

Klemens Fritzsche, Klaus Röbenack

We investigate Ore polynomial matrices, i. e., matrices with polynomial entries in d/dt whose coefficients are meromorphic functions in t and as such constitute a non-commutative ring. In particular, we study the properties of hyper-regularity and unimodularity of such matrices and derive conditions which make it possible to efficiently check for these characteristics. In addition, this approach enables computation of hyper-regular left and right and unimodular inverses.

Ore polynomial matrices, hyper-regularity, unimodularity, meromorphic functions, differential operator, noncommutativity, algorithm, hyper-regular inverse