International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 2 - June 2020
Volume 30 - 2020

Variable-structure repetitive control for discrete-time linear systems with multiple-period exogenous signals

Edi Kurniawan, Hendra G. Harno, Sensus Wijonarko, Bambang Widiyatmoko, Dwi Bayuwati, Purwowibowo Purwowibowo, Tatik Maftukhah

A new method to construct a discrete-time variable-structure repetitive controller for a class of linear systems perturbed by multiple-period exogenous signals is presented. The proposed control scheme combines the features of the discrete-time multiple-period repetitive control (MP-RC) and variable-structure control (VSC) techniques. The MP-RC part is assigned to simultaneously track and reject periodic signals consisting of multiple uncorrelated fundamental frequencies. The VSC part is then integrated to provide a fast transient response and robustness against plant parameter variations. Stability and robustness analyses are also elaborated to ensure that the resulting closed-loop system satisfies the desired control objectives. Moreover, it is shown through an example that the repetitive control system constructed using the proposed control method can effectively track a sinusoidal reference signal despite the presence of a multiple-period disturbance.

repetitive control, variable-structure control, multiple-period signals, fast transient response, robustness