International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 4 - December 2020
Volume 30 - 2020

Response of Lyapunov exponents to diffusion state of biological networks

Volkan Altuntas, Murat Gok, Osman Hilmi Kocal

The topologies of protein-protein interaction networks are uncertain and noisy. The network topology determines the reliability of computational knowledge acquired from noisy networks and can impose the deterministic and non-deterministic character of the resulting data. In this study, we analyze the effect of the network topology on Lyapunov exponents and its relationship with network stability. We define the methodology to convert the network data into signal data and obtain the Lyapunov exponents for a variety of networks. We then compare the Lyapunov exponent response and the stability results. Our technique can be applied to all types of network topologies as demonstrated with our experiments, conducted on both synthetic and real networks from public databases. For the first time, this article presents findings where Lyapunov exponents are evaluated under topological mutations and used for network analysis. Experimental results show that Lyapunov exponents have a strong correlation with network stability and both are correlatively affected by the network model. Hence we develop a novel coefficient, termed LEC, to measure the robustness of biological networks. LEC can be applied to real or synthetic biological networks rapidly. Results are a striking indication that the Lyapunov exponent is a potential candidate measure for network analysis.

synthetic networks, biological networks, diffusion, stability, Lyapunov exponents