International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 2 - June 2023
Volume 33 - 2023

Technology mapping of multi-output functions leading to the reduction of dynamic power consumption in FPGAs

Adam Opara, Marcin Kubica

This article presents a synthesis strategy aimed at minimizing the dynamic power consumption of combinational circuits mapped in LUT blocks of FPGAs. The implemented circuits represent the mapping of multi-output functions. Properly selected multi-output functions are described using a new form of the binary decision diagram (BDD), which is an extension of pseudomulti-terminal BDDs (PMTBDDs) in the literature. The essence of limiting power consumption is to include additional parameters during decomposition, such as the switching activity associated with the switching PMTBDD (SWPMTBDD). In addition, we highlight the key importance of circuit optimization methods via non-disjoint decomposition when minimizing power consumption. An algorithm is proposed to assess the effectiveness of decomposition, considering several parameters, such as the number of non-disjoint decompositions as well as that of shared and non-shared bound functions or the switching activity. The results of experiments that demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methods are also included.

low power synthesis, FPGA, switching activity, decomposition, technology mapping