International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 4 - December 2003
Volume 13 - 2003

Self-replication processes in nanosystems of informatics

Stefan Węgrzyn, Ryszard Winiarczyk, Lech Znamirowski

Recent research on the nanotechnological processes of molecular products and object synthesis as well as research on the nanosystems of informatics, stimulates the development of technical systems of informatics. Until now, they have been used mainly for computational tasks when, similarly to biological organisms, they allowed the development of self-replicating products and complete objects. One can focus here on the model of a circulation of materials, information and energy in a biological cell, and a model of the self-replication phenomenon. In the model of materials, information and energy circulation, we can distinguish a multi-phase process of creating products which are later used for object construction. The first phase is a translation process based on information from mRNA, while the next one consists of post-translational modifications based on environmental interactions. The self-replication model presented in this paper refers to a selfreplication of a material object together with its internal software, which had determined the object creation. The presented models of materials, information and energy circulation in a biological cell together with models of the self-replication phenomenon can be a basis for the design and development of technical systems of informatics capable of creating selfreplicating products and objects.

nanosystem of informatics, biological nanosystem of informatics, technical nanosystem of informatics, selfreplication