International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 2 - June 2024
Volume 34 - 2024

Cooperative convex control of multiagent systems applied to differential drive robots

Francisco-Ronay López-Estrada, Helen Darias, Vicenç Puig, Guillermo Valencia-Palomo, Joaquín Domínguez-Zenteno, María-Eusebia Guerrero-Sánchez

This work proposes a convex cooperative control scheme for a multiagent system of differential mobile robots in a leader– follower formation. First, the kinematic model of the differential robots is obtained in a linear parameter varying representation. Next, a reference model approach is considered to track the desired trajectory. The paper’s contribution is then to derive conditions to guarantee the convergence of the convex controller, which is achieved using a non-quadratic Lyapunov function. Subsequently, this control law is integrated into the agent that leads a distributed control protocol based on graph theory designed to reach the consensus of the followers. Simulations of five mobile robots are performed to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.

convex control, multiagent system, differential robots, tracking control