International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 2 - June 2005
Volume 15 - 2005

A fuzzy system with ε-insensitive learning of premises and consequences of if-then rules

Jacek M. Łęski, Tomasz Czogała

First, a fuzzy system based on if-then rules and with parametric consequences is recalled. Then, it is shown that the global and local ε-insensitive learning of the above fuzzy system may be presented as a combination of both an ε-insensitive gradient method and solving a system of linear inequalities. Examples are given of using the introduced method to design fuzzy models of real-life data. Simulation results show an improvement in the generalization ability of a fuzzy system trained by the new method compared with the traditional and other ε-insensitive learning methods.

fuzzy system, generalization ability, global and local ε-insensitive learning, extraction of fuzzy if-then rules