International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 2 - June 2009
Volume 19 - 2009

Automatic risk control based on FSA methodology adaptation for safety assessment in intelligent buildings

Jerzy Mikulik, Mirosław Zajdel

The main area which Formal Safety Assessment (FSA) methodology was created for is maritime safety. Its model presents quantitative risk estimation and takes detailed information about accident characteristics into account. Nowadays, it is broadly used in shipping navigation around the world. It has already been shown that FSA can be widely used for the assessment of pilotage safety. On the basis of analysis and conclusion on the FSA approach, this paper attempts to show that the adaptation of this method to another area—risk evaluating in operating conditions of buildings—is possible and effective. It aims at building a mathematical model based on fuzzy logic risk assessment with different habitat factors included. The adopted approach lets us describe various situations and conditions that occur in creating and exploiting of buildings, allowing for automatic control of the risk connected to them.

risk, formal safety assessment, fuzzy logic, intelligent building