International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 3 - September 2011
Volume 21 - 2011

Extracting second-order structures from single-input state-space models: Application to model order reduction

Jérôme Guillet, Benjamin Mourllion, Abderazik Birouche, Michel Basset

This paper focuses on the model order reduction problem of second-order form models. The aim is to provide a reduction procedure which guarantees the preservation of the physical structural conditions of second-order form models. To solve this problem, a new approach has been developed to transform a second-order form model from a state-space realization which ensures the preservation of the structural conditions. This new approach is designed for controllable single-input state-space realizations with real matrices and has been applied to reduce a single-input second-order form model by balanced truncation and modal truncation.

second-order form model, preservation of the structural conditions, balanced truncation, modal truncation