International Journal of applied mathematics and computer science

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Number 2 - June 2016
Volume 26 - 2016

Robust aperiodic-disturbance rejection in an uncertain modified repetitive-control system

Lan Zhou, Jinhua She, Chaoyi Li, Changzhong Pan

This paper concerns the problem of designing an EID-based robust output-feedback modified repetitive-control system (ROFMRCS) that provides satisfactory aperiodic-disturbance rejection performance for a class of plants with time-varying structured uncertainties. An equivalent-input-disturbance (EID) estimator is added to the ROFMRCS that estimates the influences of all types of disturbances and compensates them. A continuous-discrete two-dimensional model is built to describe the EID-based ROFMRCS that accurately presents the features of repetitive control, thereby enabling the control and learning actions to be preferentially adjusted. A robust stability condition for the closed-loop system is given in terms of a linear matrix inequality. It yields the parameters of the repetitive controller, the output-feedback controller, and the EID-estimator. Finally, a numerical example demonstrates the validity of the method.

repetitive control, equivalent input disturbance, two-dimensional system, singular-value decomposition, linear matrix inequality